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Again, playing with the art style. Also added randomized texture selection and rotation.

For first two shots, I made 16 stone textures that line up on all sides, randomized the rotation and selection.

For the last shot, changed up the blocky texture, with the randomized selection and rotation. Now I think I’m approaching a finalized style (3rd picture). Something in-between the dirty organic and clean blocks. Clean blocks with bits of high-contrast noise.

Feedback welcome :)

The rest of the art has been replaced with the new style… just getting a feel for what it’s like. I’m going to modify the organic textures… so I’ll probably use these as placeholders for now.

Let me know what you think!

Qbert? Lava

Another shot of the colored lighting and a shot of … wait for it … lava! ┬áNo game is complete without lava.