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Working on the rendering pipeline. Refactored the old pipeline to support multiple techniques in two main pipes: deferred and forward. Refactored the shader system to compile shader “snippets” to facilitate modular design. That way I can re-use pieces of shaders where I need them to better support different user quality settings.

Forward renderer:

Implemented ambient light, the easiest of them all! Next, implemented a two mode directional light that supports normal maps and specular power/intensity maps. By two mode, I mean in high quality, the system uses per-pixel lighting with the maps, and in low quality it uses per-vertex lighting with no maps.

Also implemented a downsampling and gaussian blur technique to use with shadow maps, SSAO, bloom and various quality levels.

All in all, really happy to be back at it.

I’ve been hard at work detailing a Kickstarter project outline/proposal/vision document and I’m up to ten pages already. The rest of this week, I’ll be focused on completing the document. If all goes as planned, I’ll be back to coding the game next week! Yay!

In preparation for the Lodestar: Stygian Skies Kickstarter fund-raising campaign, I have created a website for the game. On the site, you’ll find a developer wiki for lore and game mechanics, a community forum, some small bits from the vision document, a fledgling gallery, and embedded content from this blog. Sorry, no downloads yet.

In the interim, head over to lodestargame.com and tell me what you think!

Not much to display… I did add dungeon mini-maps!

Also rewrote the name generator to use multiple CSV files for prefix, fill, and suffix syllables. So, for example, if fed CSV syllable files derived from Greek male names, it produces results similar to the following: iphrosan, iphsydes, chystaxen, polylo, bacnuseis, auclecias, boaemus, pakleces, trimurus, iphaeslius, herphaislo, spynonus, aysto, puuspho, petodes, lemcerus, hyptados, piophon, diodaltes, biphaestos, xoocus, glausigos, phecarror, pondrission, hadgotes.

Working on dividing face lighting calculations between multiple frame renders.

Working on component/attribute based item system.

The particles now have light. I turned off the unit light in the video so the particle light can be plainly seen.

I decided to fiddle with the camera controls after all. :)

The camera is no longer restricted to 8 directions and can be lifted for a more top-down view. This is controlled with the mouse now, too.

I had to fix a bug in the dungeon passage code that, under fringe circumstances, would fail to connect to a room by one block. While I was in there, I changed the passage width to be dependent on length.  Short passages are one block wide, medium length passages ( > 8 ) are three blocks wide, and long passages ( > 16 ) are five blocks wide. I think it helps liven up this algorithm a bit.

Also, dungeons now have a depth, so parts of the generation and population code can determine behavior from the depth. 

I’d like to make some of the rooms more organic.